De-Mainstream YouTube

A browser extension to remove Mainstream Media results from YouTube searches.

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Give the power back to Independent YouTube Creators

The YouTube algorithm is promoting and recommending mainstream news more often, and independent less


This extension features a truly unbiased YouTube trending section; showing the most popular videos from the last 24 hours sorted by view count. The highest daily view count may not be number 1 on Trending. (Learn more →)


As you are browsing and using YouTube search, all of the YouTube channels in your block-list will be hidden from results. All mainstream YouTube channels will not be shown.


Once your block-list is in place, all YouTube searches will hide the selected YouTube channels automatically from the results. There is nothing more to click or any popups to confirm.

Open Source

All of the underlying code for the browser extension is publicly visible. People can submit new requests for channels to add to the YouTube channel block list.

YouTube's Promotion of Traditional Mainstream Media is not Popular...

Youtube injects Mainstream Media sources into their search results and forces out real independent YouTube creators that built the platform.


The Golden Age of YouTube is Over

The platform was built on the backs of independent creators, but now YouTube is abandoning them for more traditional content


The Fight for the Future of YouTube

YouTube also relies on anonymous outside “raters” to evaluate videos and help train its recommendations systems... to help identify “quality” videos.


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(4,300,000 Subscribers)


YouTube is Not Being Honest with Us - h3h3Productions
(6,600,000 Subscriptions)


How YouTube is rigged against independent video creators

Mainstream entertainment companies that produce ad-friendly, premium content are seeing the red carpet rolled out for them at the expense of independent video creators who feel they’re being pushed aside.


95% of the time YouTube promotes legacy media in its Trending tab, not YouTubers

A new study that analyzed over 40,000 videos that hit the YouTube Trending tab between November 2017 and June 2018 has shown that a staggering 95% of all news on this Trending tab comes from legacy media outlets. Independent YouTuber creators have long suspected that the Trending tab is set up to favor mainstream media outlets and this new data provides new evidence that validates these long-standing suspicions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The De-Mainstream browser extension works by scanning the html in your YouTube page, finding all of the channels that you have selected to block in the browser extension's popup, then removing them automatically, programmatically.

Install the extension by going to the Chrome Web Store using the Google Chrome browser, Dissenter Browser or Brave Browser. And install the De-Mainstream extension for free.

You can request new channels to be added to the block list by going to our public GitHub page and submitting a new issue for adding a new channel to block.

If the De-Mainstream extension is not working for you, please submit a new issue on our public GitHub page.

The De-Mainstream browser extension only works on desktop devices on Chrome, Dissenter & Brave browsers. It does not work on mobile devices or the YouTube app.